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Intranet Development

SurfersNet offers a full range of Intranet solutions for any level of customization, from our Intranet Development Kit to a fully customized solution. Find out more below:

Benefits of an Intranet | Sample Applications | Why Use SurfersNet?

Here are a few of the benefits of setting up an Intranet for your company:

  • Central file sharing
    • Aids quality control by having most recent documents in central location
    • Accessible from any computer
    • Works on PC and Mac, and works on any operating system
    • Share secured and unsecured files with only certain users or groups
  • Automate your work flow
    • Create forms and track financial information
    • Automatically notify users when they have files or projects to review or process
    • Timelines and calendars for projects and product launches
  • Functional or Cross/Functional group information sharing
    • Telephone and address lists
    • Organizational hierarchy information
    • Share files, timelines, and other information for a group
    • Quickly send information to specific groups or teams
  • Automate human resources functions
    • Post forms and procedures
    • Set individual employee goals and process employee reviews
    • Share company event and program information quickly
    • Online suggestion box

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Here are a few sample applications of an Intranet you might want for your company:

  • Automate project workflow
    • Lets teams communicate, create timelines, and manage “to-do” lists
    • Automatically updates team members when changes occur or when action steps are required
    • All forms and process information are in one central location
    • Share project information between multiple office locations
  • Manage financial information
    • Employee timesheets
    • Track billable hours
    • Compare quote estimates to actual amounts
    • Pull or push information to existing business systems to eliminate duplicate work
  • Manage employee information
    • All employee phone lists and personal information in one central location
    • Create employee goals and facilitate review processes
    • Create employee bio’s with an option to download to Word or PowerPoint for presentations and proposals
    • Manage organizational charts and reporting structures
    • Post vacation and Out-of-Office information for groups or teams
    • Post individual employee information (e.g., how many vacation days do I have left?)
  • File sharing
    • All documents, forms, and procedures are in one place, creating less paper every time documents are updated
    • Multiple office locations have access to the same information and files
    • Give permissions to certain users for editing, adding, and deleting documents or for read-only access
  • Administrative functions
    • Quickly add, modify, or delete users
    • Quickly add, modify, or delete teams
    • Control permissions and information shown to each user based on group or individual users, direct reports, etc.

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Why use SurfersNet for your Intranet Solutions?

  • Experience with Intranet development
  • Experience with application development
  • Experience with work flow automation
  • Over 20 years experience with business automation and application development
  • Comprehensive solutions for all of your company’s Intranet needs

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