SurfersNet provides a wide range of integrated security solutions including secure access, VPN, Identity management, Asset management, Employee and Resource management. Let us create an integrated security solution for your business today!


SurfersNet understands the complex and changing security environment your company is facing. We can provide a comprehensive security solution or assist you with specific areas. Our flexible modules work together and are scalable to meet your needs. Modules are built with future expansion in mind. There are three main areas our security solutions can be grouped into: Identity Management, Network Security, and Server Security. Each of these is discussed in more detail in the following paragraphs.

Identity Management

The Identity Management module provides a number of solutions to help you manage information flow and identities of your employees, clients, and others who need access to the technology and physical assets of your company. These tools can help you track and control access to Web and application servers, Intranets, computers, buildings, and more. They are designed to help you manage users in fewer, more efficient steps. Identity Management tools are role-based, which allows you to assign certain rules to a particular role, instead of to each individual. In this way, it is quicker to add, modify, and delete users and define all their access levels in one central location. Each of the following tools can work separately or together to assist with identity management.

Software Access Management

This tool allows the system administrator to define which enterprise software packages each role has access to. When a new employee is hired or an existing employee leaves or changes positions, the administrator can simply define which role that person is in (or delete the user from the system) in one central location. This then grants or denies the employee access to all software packages, without setting up access rights into each individual software package for each employee.

Secure Access Management

For secure access into physical assets, such as rooms or buildings, SurfersNet has teamed up with TimePilot to provide the iButton solution. The iButton is a small, durable tool, each with a unique identification code, used to gain access to door locks. The TimePilot software provided allows an administrator to set rules for each lock and each iButton. For example, the administrator can set the lock to allow some users to gain access only at certain times during the day. The software is intuitive and easy to use. For more information about secure access management, click here.

Secure Computer Access Management by Hardware

The iButton solution can also be used to control access to computers. A small sensor is placed on the computer. When the user presses the iButton against the sensor, they will be allowed access as needed to that computer. Access can be restricted based on the user. For example, each user may have access to different software on the computer. For more information, click here.


This Web-based identity management tool allows access to Intranets through a secure login. As with all of our tools, it can work in conjunction with other identity management tools to create a comprehensive solution to control access.

Time and Attendance

Another use for the iButton solution is to track employee time and attendance. This solution works with standard payroll processing software and services and comes with its own easy-to-use software. This system cuts payroll processing time by hours each pay period. For more information, click here.

Server Security

Whether you are concerned with your Web or application server, SurfersNet has the solutions to assist you in controlling access and preventing unauthorized entry. Regardless of server type or setup, SurfersNet can help.

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