Support for your existing or legacy Classic ASP Websites or Applications is cheaper and safer than the alternative

Classic ASP Support

Classic ASP Support
Many people still require classic ASP support for their website or business applications today, even though this is quite an old language. Classic ASP (also known as 'ASP' which stands for Active Server Pages) is one of the first Microsoft server-side scripting languages and to this day, many web sites still need classic ASP support.

How popular is Classic ASP
There are currently over 1 billion Classic ASP pages that are on the Internet used for public web sites. There is no way to determine how many Classic ASP business applications are on local intranets or extra nets.
This means that many businesses still require ASP support now and in the future.

Finding Classic ASP Developers Being an older language, finding ASP Developers to support your Classic ASP applications can be troublesome. However, we have over 20 years experience with Classic ASP Development and a large network of Classic ASP developers. We can support your classic ASP web sites and Business Applications. We also can convert your existing ASP sites to a newer technology if it makes sense for your Business.

Why do people still use and support Classic ASP?
There are multiple reasons Classic ASP is still in use today. The reasons may vary from an old site that was built and has no need for updates due to the content and / or existing functionality to large backend critical business applications that are vital to the proper running of an organization. Depending on the size of an business ASP application and how many years it took to create, it may not make sense to spend a lot of money rewriting the code base for no increase in business benefit or very little to no return on investment (ROI)

The ability for high end business applications and web sites to be created with Classic ASP over the years has left a lot of legacy code through out the Internet as well as in the business environment.

Classic ASP uses only a single worker process and so also gains benefits by having a Single Threaded Apartment (STA) model which generally means less overheads and therefore better performance in most cases. In contrast, ASP.NET uses the MTA (Multiple Threaded Apartment) which is more intensive for the server system to run.
This means that the server requirements for Classic ASP are much less than for a similar .net system. in order to do a full upgrade of the existing system would not only require the man hours and development time to create but also the added expense of server upgrades.

Relevance of Classic ASP today
With the recent releases of ASP.NET and sophisticated PHP 7.0, Classic ASP is no longer actively used by a large number of people to develop new applications. However, there are plenty of web applications currently running that are scripted on Classic ASP and these Classic ASP sites need supporting.

Classic ASP support is therefore quite crucial for these applications and your web host will certainly provide this support on a Windows server to run the site. However you will need a classic ASP developer to maintain the site and upgrade, tweak, enhance on an ongoing basis.

That's why you found us! We can support, maintain, fix, upgrade and even convert your Classic ASP Web site or Business Application.

For many companies, a lot of time and money has been invested in developing their Classic ASP Web site or Internal Business applications and completely rebuilding their web site using a newer language may be cost prohibitive. There is also considerable risk that during a complete rewrite of a complex system that existing critical functionality may be lost or stop working.

Our goal is to provide you support and maintenance for your existing Classic ASP applications so you can focus on Business instead of infrastructure.

If you are in need of classic ASP developers, Development Services, support, maintenance, or need to upgrade to a newer platform Contact UsToday!