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Intranet Starter or Development Kit

Intranet Starter Kit
The Intranet Starter Kit is an out-of-the-box Intranet solution developed by SurfersNet that you can install on your server and begin using immediately. The kit includes the following applications:

  • Secured login for individuals. This can be modified to give the user permissions based on their group, superiors, job function, or security level.
  • Task manager for individuals. This personal "To Do" list helps users organize their day by the tasks that need to be done, the due dates, the priority, and the status of projects.
  • Individual message display. Individual users can see messages posted by group leaders and superiors.
  • Message manager for groups. Group leaders can send messages to an entire team with one click to automate information flow.
  • Group user administration. Quickly add new users, modify user permissions, and delete users using this administration tool.
  • Individual and group Surfadex. This is your personal and group rolodex where you can store contacts.

Intranet Development Kit
The Intranet Development Kit contains both the starter kit and additional tools for you to choose from to make your Intranet more effective. Your programmers can modify these applications* to fit your business or you can let SurfersNet do the work for you. Here are a few of the additional applications you can purchase:

  • Project management tool for individuals. This application is designed for project managers to track quotes, projects, hours, and changes. It can be customized depending on the types of projects your company handles.
  • Invoice manager for individuals or groups. Users can enter in invoices to be automatically sent to the appropriate accounts payable department, view payables and receivables, and track work hours. This application can be modified to handle any type of invoice.
  • Customer contact management for groups. With this tool, your sales and customer service representatives can keep track of their communications with customers and help resolve issues quicker. Groups can share this data so all company representatives have access to the customer's contact record.

We also offer complete customized Intranet solutions. See our Intranet Development page for more information. Contact us to order your license for the Intranet Development Kit today.

*Depending on license purchased.