All of our websites are built with RWD and optimized for customer management with our custom CMS system and provide optimal user experience for your target audience

Web Design

SurfersNet's creative designers, professional copywriters, seasoned programmers, and business and marketing consultants work together to help you create the Web site you need. We work closely with you to determine the purpose, the appropriate audiences and messages, and best organization for your site. Whether you are starting from scratch or updating an existing site, we take the time to understand your business to make sure we provide you with a site that works for you. We provide the following Web design services:

Site Organization and Layout

As an initial step in the Web design process, SurfersNet will work with you to ensure your site is organized in the best way possible. This includes creating a site map of your current site, if any, and analyzing it in light of your goals and audiences. In addition, we will look at how your information is layed out on the home page and secondary pages. There are many layout options available for Web sites, and we can help you choose the layout that is right for you.

Graphic Design

SurfersNet has a team of graphic designers assembled to provide a wide range of styles based on your needs. We provide complete graphic design services, including logos and other offline graphics as needed. Our designers and consultants will work with you to make sure your Web site meets your branding goals as well as provides a usable and efficient layout for your site.


Our technical and marketing copywriters are available to help you create or rework your information in the most effective way for your Web site. Our professional copywriters understand the unique format of Web site copy and work closely with you to communicate your message in an effective way.

Front end development

We feature full responsive web design (RWD) on all of our sites to provide an optimal viewing experience across all devices. Whether you are starting from scratch or want to update your existing web site allowing any vistor to view your content on their preferred device, let us create a responsive web site utilizing the latest responsive web design techniques for you.


From simple HTML to complex Web applications, our programmers are available to serve you. The following are just a couple of examples of what we can do for your site:

  • Updateable pages and custom CMS systems: We can create pages that are easily updateable by you without any programming. Our unique content management system focuses on updating information, as opposed to updating pages, which streamlines the content management process.
  • Calculators: Mortgage calculators, interest rate calculators, salary calculators, and more. You provide the logic behind it, and our programmers will provide an effective online calculator to enhance your site.
  • File sharing: We can help you and your Web site visitors freely share files in a secure environment. File sharing can be restricted based on identity. See our security section for more information.
  • Intranet applications: These applications include project management tools, human resources management tools, accounting tools, and more. There are also a variety of secure access options to control access. See our security section and Intranet section for more information.
  • Integration with your business: We can integrate with any of your existing business software or processes allowing those to be web enabled.

These are just a few examples of the vast range of programming we can provide for your site.

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