If you need SEO, internet marketing, a new web site or even a social media campaign. Surfersnet is here to help with all of your marketing needs

Online Promotions

SurfersNet can provide a complete, end-to-end online promotion for any marketing need. This includes:

  • Development of Online Promotion
  • Collecting user information for data analysis
  • Segmentation analysis reports
  • Comprehensive tracking of offline and online user behavior
  • Assisting your company in structuring your online game or sweepstakes in the most efficient way
  • Hosting services for the promotion that are guaranteed to handle the bursts of traffic that promotions create on Web sites
  • Integration into your existing Web site(s) or online and offline promotions
  • Prize fulfillment and legal assistance
  • Media buys

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Here are a few of the types of promotions that SurfersNet can create for your company:

  • Sweepstakes
  • Instant wins
  • Interactive games
  • Loyalty programs (for customer retention and increased usage of products or services)
  • Banner ads
  • E-mail broadcasts
  • New business programs
  • Penetration marketing programs

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